TOP15 photos of the last year

04/02/2017 10:19
You can read more detailed information about the chosen pictures in the special blog text Vybrané fotky z roku 2016 aneb TOP fotomandel  (the text is only in Czech language)

Photo No.1: Mysterious Island
Infrared picture from one of the highest accessible inland places of my beloved Lefkada Island.
Photo No.2: Mallström
It was relatively hard work to find the right combination of exposure time, zoom speed and objective rotation. However, finally I got the new non-traditional picture for my long-term photocycle (from 2010) The Magic Garden consisting of photos from my parents´ garden in Staňkov near Domažlice.

Photo No.3: Triangles
A picture from the fascinating attic of the main church in Emauzy Monastery Area in Prague. I tried to use here an advice of Bryan Peterson: You can try to turn final abstract picture, the result can be more interesting than original shot. I tried it and it works :-).

Photo No.4: The Inner Light
Infrared picture of Ionian Sea breakers (Kavalikefta Beach in Lefkada Island).

Photo No.5: A Mossy Creek
One of the picture of Hučivá Desná Creek from my summer holiday in Jeseníky Mountains, near Kouty nad Desnou.

Photo No.6: The Flamingo Lagoon
A morning shot from the lagoon near Lefkas Town (Greece, Lefkada Island).

Photo No.7: The Pine in Stupno No.22 - Foetus
Macro photograph from the photocycle An abstract World of the Tree Bark, that was made at the cemetery in Stupno near Rokycany.

Photo No.8: Northern Lights over Dobřichovice
An infrared picture of summer sunrise over Berounka river.

Photo No.9: A Bridge with the New Year´s Eve Sun
A frosty New Year´s Eve morning picture from a bridge over the Berounka river in Dobřichovice.

Photo No.10: Via a Curve
Water and stones in Hučivá Desná Creek in summer Jeseníky Mountains.

Photo No.11: Veselí nad Úhlavou Mansion
Ruins of the Mansion near Janovice nad Úhlavou town. I should take the pictures of this building in much more thorough way in spring 2017.

Photo No.12: Eucalyptus Lefkada č.3 - The Old Man
Picture of the Eucalyptus bark from Lefkada Island. I see the head of an old man on the picture, but different eyes can see totally different things.

Photo No.13: Easter under the Charles Bridge
Infrared picture of very standard topic of the Old Prague City in the fresh Easter sun.

Photo No.14: Through a Darkened Riverbed
The third picture of Hučivá Desná Creek in the TOP15, this time in infrared spectrum.

Photo No.15: The Colorful Expansion
The second photo for Magic Garden photocycle in this TOP15. As many times before it is a view into the top of my favourite cherry-tree in Staňkov garden, this time in soft golden sunset lights.


Well, it was the short choice from the pictures of the year 2016 and I´m looking forward to the future interesting choice of the actual year 2017.