Several photos from my holiday in Jeseníky mountains

26/06/2016 23:36

As traditionally at the end of spring I got a week of holiday this June. Then, I went to Jeseníky Mountains, one of my favourite area in Czech Republic. This time I didn´t live in Karlova Studánka as the last year (there I prepared several photos from Bílá Opava River Valley), but on the other side of the main ridge of mountains in Kouty nad Desnou. Even in that area it´s possible to find and see plenty of interesting places; main ridge of Jeseníky Mountain is not so far and thre are several streams and torrents flowing down from the mountains, especially rivers called Divoká Desná and Hučivá Desná. Of course I tried to extend my long-termed collection of mountain rivers photos. After returning from the holiday I went through all pictures and finally I selected 20 best photos for "testing format" 30x40 cm and 9 from them I choose for my standard exhibition format 50x70 cm. So far they have no names, I will complete the names after including of the photos into the public photocycles. This article is so far the only place that I published this complete series of pictures on.


Small rapids on Hučivá Desná River near Kouty.


Again the valley of Hučivá Desná River. I don´t know why, but this photo reminds me lying puppet who is waiting for the right gentle hand that is able to revive it. In reality, the puppet is live enough in the river current.


A detail from the current. My favourite combination of stones and the long exposure visualizing water trajectories.


For the first time we change visible rays by the infrared ones. Hučivá Desná River put a completely different dress. Dnes poprvé přecházíme do infračervené oblasti a do snímání širokoúhlým objektivem. Hučivá Desná si najednou oblékla úplně jiné šaty. Perhaps more serious and sedate, but also quite elegant :-).   


Another shot of Hučivá Desná River stones with moss layer above the river surface.


A similar infrared shot as the first one, but in a completely different "translation" into the visible color scale. Who will decide, which is the more "real".


A thin stream of a small waterfall falling in the cleft between giant boulders. Nameless stream flowing through wild valley of Divoký důl. Through the valley you can climb up to the highest peak of Jeseníky Mountains - Praděd.


And the same cleft with the small waterfall in Divoký důl in infrared scale and different perspective.


And finally once more the same nameless stream from Divoký důl valley under the small waterfall from the last two photos.


So, we will see wheater the blow-ups will be ok. Hopefully, some of the nine new pictures could appear as a part of some future exhibition - as two photos from Bílá Opava River during the exhibition in the Restaurant Pod Lipami in Prague - Vršovice this spring.

Do you like any of the published photos? Do you thing that some of them have poor quality? Please, let me know your opinion; you can write it e.g. here on this web: Com ment for Petr V.