New photos from Bílá Opava Valley in Jeseníky

21/06/2015 00:07


During a week of my holiday in Karlova Studánka I spent almost whole two days by making photos. I walked through the amazing valley of Bílá Opava River uphill and after three days in opposite direction as well. The swift river consists of numerous little falls and rapids, so who wants to make photos, he can spend hours with the activity. Finally I choose 15 photographs for this article and I will add some of them into the existing photocycles Infrared Rivers and Hidden Light.


Not far from Karlova Studánka, Bílá Opava River is not so swift. However, it will become closer and closer during our way uphill and wilder and swifter as well. The way along the river leads to Barborka Hut laying right under the highest point of Jeseniky mountains - Praděd.

A picture made from the same place of the river as the last photo, but with a different used focal point and in infrared spectrum part.

Many tiny streams of water from highest part of Jeseníky flow down from the rocks surrounding Bílá Opava River. During my visit of the valley, period of very dry weather culminated, neverthelles the rock around the river were still full of water.

The entrance of the Bílá Opava Falls is the defile, where I made the infrared picture of the following rapids. There, the most difficult part of the way along the river starts.

I went astray and therefore I found interesting close views to Bílá Opava Falls. The falls are not so high, several metres only. Even in the driest periods they have plenty of water and during floods, huge masses of water are able to move giant stones in the riverbed. The big stone wedged into the fall stream is here since an older flood.

I made photographs over Bílá Opava Falls as well, during my second visit of the river valley. I found very interesting place where water stream creates something like capital letters HX in the rock. What do you think about the letters meaning? Or it is only a HoaX? :-)

View to Bílá Opava Falls from official tourist footpath.

The river still tries to find the optimal way among the rocks. During milions of years, persistent activity of water has created the deep valley.

"Infrared flower" on the big stone in the mid of the water stream.

The rapids under the Big Falls.

The river flows from the rock defile into the unforested part of valley. Forrest in the place was destroyed by the windstorm in 2004.

This infrared picture remotly ressembles crayfish claw up stream to me.

In the part of the river, deep and clean river pools are following by rapids.

I like this fallen tree because of its expressive shape. I made its infrared photos three years ago, so now I add similar picture in normal colours as well.

This only photo is not from Bílá Opava Valley, but from the neighbouring Moravice Valley. Moravice River flows down from the largest steep avalanche slope in Jeseníky - from Velká kotlina Basin. Several detail and photos from Velká kotlina are in my blog article Small Bouquet from Velká kotlina (in Czech language only).


Do you like any published photographs? Do you want to advice me what should I make better? Let me know your opinion right on the website in the part Questions and Messages. Thank you for your visit.