Four Images of spring Berounka River

23/03/2015 20:39

I have been completed my new photoequipment in last two months and I have trained to work with it and I have tested it a little bit during the winter. Now, the weather is improving and I want to use the following period of time for a standard usage of my new camera and new lenses. I practically used it for the first time during a two-hours Saturday´s walk along the riverside of Berounka River, not far from my home. I wanted to create various and enough different images of the same river to visualize not traditional hidden river looks. It is possible to remove one or more protective layers of the reality and the hidden nature of the river can be uncovered.


First Image - reflective: Alley

The trees look as they bend wisely over something, however it is only its reflection on the water surface - upside down.


Second Image - dreamly melancholic: A Forrest from my Morning Dream

I tried to defocus the image of the photo through a not common way. The question is if the process leads to establishment of the specific atmosphere that I believe in, or visitors will think that a deer nudged me during the exposition :-).


Third Image - extraterrestrial: On a strange planet

I like that after several years of making infrared photographs I can estimate a little bit what parts of the rivers could be interesting and it could look well in infrared rays during a long exposition. Do you agree with me that Berounka River is probably of a volcanic origin? :-)


Fourth Image - metallic compact: Living Silver

Ecologic activists consider all negligible contents of mercury in nature water as ecotragedies. What´s the matter?! Riverbed of Berounka River is full of 100% mercury as you can see. Quicksilver of ancient alchemists! Or it is a little bit different? I hope that Greenpeace people will not ask me for paying all expenses of emergency ecointervention in Dobřichovice :-).


One short afternoon walk along the river and I have as a result four very different images of its spirit. Four from what total number? I think and I hope that the number of river images is infinite. What do YOU thing?