Extremely hot summer

25/08/2015 22:05


I have to say that "this way of the summer" when the temperature grew up to abnormal values, is not optimal for me. I am able to survive extraordinary heat, (especially if I can spend the whole daytime in my office :-)), however I not able to do any creative work. Moreover, I prefer to make photos with running water, that practically ran dry in the whole Central Bohemia area this summer. But I wanted to add at least a trifle for my photowebpages, therefore I chosen the two following infrared pictures of Berounka River that - in my opinion - well corresponds to the atmosphere of the neverending hot days of current summer: Temperature above 50 degrees at sunny places and the rest of the water in the river not able to keep cold all beeings that would need it - people, dogs, birds or fishes.


Is it real water on the following photographs? Or all water in the river was changed during summer hot days into the slowly flowing lava radiating by its own heat against the sunlight rays? The photograph was made at Berounka River near the pedestrian bridge in Dobřichovice. At the place, the extraordinary summer dryness uncovered a part of the riverbed, so I can use unusual view for making the photo; this angle is usually accessible only for fishermen and canoeists.


The Berounka River in the direct opposite sunlight that kept its power even in the evening. Also the second infrared photograph was exposed from nearly the same place as the first one, but it was in the time with the lowest amount of the water, and "the face of the river" was slightly turned. But how it is possible that such fresh magma appeared just in the ancient and calm region around Berounka River, that is completely without volcanoes? :-)


And what about you? Do you have any own photographs really radiating the accumulated summer heat? You can comment it or let me know via  e-mail  or directly in the Question and Messages section.