Basic information about selling of my photographs

26/10/2014 16:01

In the today´s optimistic article I want to focus on the persons that like my photographs as much as they would like to buy some of them. It is great pleasure to me that it´s not exceptional case and number of interested persons is gradually growing.

I have to admit that I have never thought about selling of my photos. I wanted to make public exhibition of the photos and I filled the goal during the last two years, but any of my three exhibitions hasn´t real selling purpose. However, I had to answer many questions from the visitors and my friends about the prices. At the beginning I tried to postpone the discussions about the topics because of avoiding it.

The situation has changed a little bit. Mainly after the last exhibition in Prague, number of interested persons increased and I was really surprised that some people seriously want to invest their money to buy some of my photographs for beautifying of their flats or houses. Some of the people almost “fell in love” with a concrete picture right in the exhibition hall and finally I had to concent to create some standard business conditions. Although any sale of my photograph blow-ups is sovereign and specific, it could be reasonable to publish several basic conditions and general information about it.

Business conditions:

Photography is a reproductive art and theoretically we can produce almost neverending number of copies of the chosen photo. However, people interested in the pictures should be sure that only limited number of blow-ups was made. Therefore, I commit in one part of the contract that maximally X pieces of the signed blow-ups (so far I use mainly X = 10 pieces, in the number 2 or 3 author´s copies aren´t included) will be produce. Size of the selling blow-ups and “author´s tag” (with the photo title, infos about place and time of the photo scenery and with my signature) guarantee that the picture was made from author´s digital or film original and not from not official sources, e.g. from internet. Number of the concrete blow-up has to be filled directly in “author´s tag” of the picture or in the text of contract.

I commit in the contract that I won´t sell the photos rights to another person (e.g. a photobank). The original digital file or the original negative must stay in my ownership.

Price of the photographs:

Standard format of the photos is the size 70x50 cm (it´s the format of the pictures from the Dobřichovice and Prague exhibitions). The indicative price of one picture is from 3 500 CZK to 5 000 CZK (without the frame), it depends on " the photo history" and blow-up sequence number. In the special cases (e.g. the last blow-ups of the very demanding pictures) the price could be even higher. It depends always on many other views, every business is therefore negotiate individually and with individual conditions and I handle it strictly personally. I would like to personally meet every person that wants to buy some of my pictures. Of course I want to ensure personally full satisfaction of such persons with the choice and the final quality of the pictures, as well. You really can´t find here any anonymous e-shop :-).