Autum inspiration from Bohemian Forest (Šumava)

11/11/2017 20:01

I moved my main holiday this year as tradionally to the autumn days. I´m used to travel to Greece in the autumns, this year however I went to the southwest mountains, Šumava (or Bohemian Forest). The temperature was approx. by 30 degrees lower than in Greece, we had several frosty September mornings, but finally the 10 day´s trip was pleasant and successful.

Of course, during these 10 days I made several photos of mountain nature, so I chose about 20 pictures, that I placed into the working photogallery named  Šumava 2017. This directory in not visible in the main menu, but it´s possible to open the gallery through the link.

Finally, I will add the best photos of September Šumava trip into the existing web photo cycles. I hope that some of them are quite presentable :-).