06/07/2018 11:15

Rearrangement of the Magic Garden photocycle

I added five new summer photographs into the long-term photoset The Magic Garden. I removed several older photos to keep the photoset easy to survey and not so extensive. So, you can find there - apart from other things - also following three pictures:   1. The Light and Shadow Eternal...


11/11/2017 20:01

Autum inspiration from Bohemian Forest (Šumava)

I moved my main holiday this year as tradionally to the autumn days. I´m used to travel to Greece in the autumns, this year however I went to the southwest mountains, Šumava (or Bohemian Forest). The temperature was approx. by 30 degrees lower than in Greece, we had several frosty September...


15/07/2017 12:28

A new photocycle "Prague Trinkets"

I decided to create here a new web photogallery and to input gradually (hopefully) interesting pictures of  inconspicuous Prague places into it. I choose the well-tried name Prague Trinkets for the long-term photocycle (I have used the name for a special section of my personal blog for several...


24/04/2017 16:27

The Magic Garden - spring 2017

Po několika měsících jsem navštívil zahradu ve Staňkově, kde už od roku 2010 průběžně fotím obrázky pro svůj dlouhodobý cyklus Kouzelná zahrada. Snažím se udržet cyklus jednotný, a proto používám podobný způsob snímání; výsledek se mění jen podle roční doby, konkrétního objektu a aktuálních...


04/02/2017 10:19

TOP15 photos of the last year

You can read more detailed information about the chosen pictures in the special blog text Vybrané fotky z roku 2016 aneb TOP fotomandel  (the text is only in Czech language) Photo No.1: Mysterious Island Infrared picture from one of the highest accessible inland places of my beloved...


26/11/2016 15:49

Several new photos from the Lefkada Island

After finishing my holiday in Lefkada Island this year, I have chosen several new photos and I have added them into the existing Lefkada Pictures photocycle. Please, look at the completed collection and you can choose your preferred Lefkada views. You can let me know your opinion via the...


29/08/2016 22:29

The Pine Bark Details

After four years I returned to Stupno village near Rokycany, where I made photos of my favourite old pine trees. The best 20 pictures I added into the web photocycle named An abstract World of the Tree Bark. Do you like some of the photos? You can let me know your opinion via the traditional...


26/06/2016 23:36

Several photos from my holiday in Jeseníky mountains

As traditionally at the end of spring I got a week of holiday this June. Then, I went to Jeseníky Mountains, one of my favourite area in Czech Republic. This time I didn´t live in Karlova Studánka as the last year (there I prepared several photos from Bílá Opava River Valley), but on the other side...


22/04/2016 21:14

E-catalog of my photoexhibition Pod Lipami in Prague-Vrsovice

For all who would like to see my photo exhibition in the Restaurant/Gallery Pod Lipami in Prague - Vrsovice, but they didn't succeed in getting there, I prepared the E-catalog of the exhibition, which I added to the summary page of previously organized exhibitions of my photos. You can use the...


10/03/2016 21:09

The Fourth Exhibition of my Photos

The visitors of my photoweb and blog sites know very well, that I have repeatedly presented my photographs in public several times during the last years. It is great pleasure to me to announce here that after two exhibitions from 2013 (Pictures from "Behind-the-light" in Dobrichovice Castle and...