E-Xposition Fanciful Stories from the World of Bark consists of 25 photos originally named The Abstract World of Bark. The interesting world of bark pictures lose its abstract properties, so we can find many specific coloured bark stories. I´d like to invite you to look at the bark details of different tree species. Let´s try to imagine the stories from the picturesque world.

I prepared 18 paper photographs 50x70cm for the real Prague exhibition that was cancelled several days before its start. Therefore I used the photos for this web e-Xposition and I added another 7 photos that weren´t of good quality for big paper format, however their quality for internet presentation is sufficient. Please, click on any photo from the photogallery below and you can look through all photos with their maybe a little bit crazy names, because the names are - as always - important part of the web exposition. And the photo names are important also for the following competition.

The competition for a chosen paper photopicture:

You can suggest your own specific names for any photos from the e-Xposition according to your own fantasy and imagination. Number of new names is not limited, if you want, you can rename all photos, why not? :-) Please, write your suggested photo names into the section Diskusní fórum (it is the public visitors book) and add your contact e-mail address. I will choose the most interesting and original answers right after finishing of the e-Xposition, at the beginning of May. The winner (or winners, it depends on the total number of answers) will obtain big paper blow-up of its favourite chosen photo, we will agree on it individually.


Fanciful Stories from the World of Bark